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Khulisa: Online support for students

The Pavilion have worked with Khulisa for a number of years now.  The aim of the organisation is to work with young people in schools, prisons and in the community and help them to understand and tackle the root-cause of their violent and anti-social behaviours. They do this by placing wellbeing at the heart of rehabilitation; we provide intensive therapeutic support to help young people build self-awareness and emotional resilience.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Khulisa are now offering online 1:1 support for our students.  If your child is struggling emotionally with the current crisis facing the world, or you are worried and want to seek out some additional support for them, please let the relevant site lead know and we can make a referral for you.  You can contact either Kevin Matthews, Anna Newbold or Rachel Philips on 0208 3595242.