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Hospital Team Service: "an invaluable support"

Praise for the Pavilion Hospital Team from Royal Free london NHS Foundation Trust

We received this complementary email from the Clinical Practice Educator at the Royal Free london NHS Foundation Trust. We also think Margaret is a terrific asset to the team, regularly going above and beyond what is expected of her.

The Hospital Teaching services we provide - to school-aged students aged 4-18 - are offered in our Discovery classroom on the Galaxy ward at Barnet General Hospital, as well as at the bedside of children unable to visit the classroom. For further details, see our Hospital Teaching page here.

From Rachel Mccann, Clinical Practice Educator: 

Dear Team

This email is long overdue!

I have been meaning to write for a long time to thank your team for all you do from an educational and supportive perspective, for the educational service you offer our patients  and in particular the support you provide to our staff and patients with regard to our CAMHS patients. This support has been particularly appreciated over the last 6 months with some very challenging patient admissions.

In addition to your educational role -You are our ears and eyes to alert us to safeguarding and parental and patient anxiety  concerns , you are our distraction and counselling  support for distressed patients and families and staff.

Your team does not shy away from conflict situations you step up to support with  calming and distraction strategies which is very much appreciated by our staff.

Your professionalism in the way you work is an example for our young students to follow and learn from.

I am impressed by the work of all your team but in particular would like to mention your TA- Margaret for her care of staff and patients and families.

From her creation and provision of ‘wash bags’ for patients in times of need and distress, the reading to and occupying of children in games  to allow parents time for a much needed break from their 24 hour care to get a shower or make private phone calls.

Margaret’s dedication and astute observation to spot situations that have the potential to escalate  and her bravery and professionalism to step in and actively  calm situations and distract has been an invaluable support.

During the busy schedule and workload our staff face it is very much valued the support you provide, but we often don’t have the time to acknowledge.

I wish we could nominate you to our Trust learning  from excellence nomination scheme, but please accept this email as a token of my gratitude for all your work.

With Kind Regards

Rachel Mccann, Clinical Practice Educator, RSCN.  Bsc Hons Critical Care


  • 58b Chandos Avenue
    N20 9DX

    0208 446 1533

  • Pavilion
    110 Meadway
    EN5 5JX

    0208 359 5240

  • The Pavilion - Church Farm
    Church Hill Rd,
    East Barnet,
    London EN4 8XE

    0203 890 8474

  • Galaxy Ward,
    Barnet General Hospital,
    Wellhouse Lane, Barnet,
    EN5 3DJ

    0208 216 5208