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Revision and Exams - Timetable

Changes to Timetables During Exams

During the Y11 examination period, there will be times when many of the classrooms and teaching staff are needed to run the exams. Between exams, we are offering revision support lessons for Y11 students.

Because of this, we have amended the timetables for Whetstone and Meadway. It will mean that on some days, Y7-Y10 students will attend school only for the morning (when there is an exam in the afternoon) or arrive later, once the morning examination is over.

Please see the attached amended timetables (one for Whetstone and one for Meadway).

  • 58b Chandos Avenue
    N20 9DX

    0208 446 1533

  • Pavilion
    110 Meadway
    EN5 5JX

    0208 359 5240

  • The Pavilion - Church Farm
    Church Hill Rd,
    East Barnet,
    London EN4 8XE

    0203 890 8474

  • Galaxy Ward,
    Barnet General Hospital,
    Wellhouse Lane, Barnet,
    EN5 3DJ

    0208 216 5208