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Mentoring Intervention


Our Student Support Team aims to work in partnership with the Local Authority and stakeholders to create a team of professionals to engage and enthuse our students, whilst working contextually to safeguard them. 

The partnership work creates and develops relationships to ensure direct, targeted work.  This encourages and develops understanding of themselves and their world, recognising and fulfilling their personalised pathway to positive futures.

The Pavilion mentor team uses the outreach/detached youth work model to ‘reach out’ - building positive relationships to ignite awareness and change.  Borough wide our team is used to reduce exclusions in mainstream schools. Our students grow as individuals and seek to reach their full potential. We provide opportunities to build their self-worth, confidence and equip them with life skills to support their pathways to a positive future.


Student Support Team strategically works within our provision and with the Local Authority considering safety planning, individual and family support. This is achieved through partnership meetings and referrals into services.  This way of working highlights and recognises gaps to implement and sustain change.


The Pavilion provides a bespoke structured tier system – adapted for each site. Students are allocated a Pavilion mentor. For tier 1 ‘wellbeing and check in’ we provide every student with a one-to-one. For tier 2 Targeted Mentoring – we explore the reason of exclusion, patterns of behaviour and barriers to their learning.  Implementing strategies for reintegration. Tier 3 a student is provided with an outside agency intervention and are also given an onsite welfare check with their individual mentor.


To see results through their education engagement - enabling the students to feel supported, heard, build confidence and resilience within themselves. Enabling them to grow and respond to their circumstances.

Reintegration                            Intervention                                       Prevention

Empowerment                          Flexibility                                           Insight

Exit strategies                          Transparency                                     

Transition                                 Contextual safeguarding

Awareness                              Outreach-prevent permanent exclusion