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Mentoring Intervention

At The Pavilion, we have a team of mentors who used a personalised targeted charts for all pupils during their mentoring sessions, here they’re able to see an idea of where they’re out in term of each section on the star chart. We believe is important for all pupils to be able to see they’re progress, for them to have a better sense of understanding for themselves to help them for not just school but also the outside world.

  • 1:1 Formal Mentoring – with a focus on personal development and resilience.
  • Literacy follow up interventions including individual support dependant on baseline scores.
  • Maths – catch up interventions – individual support depending on baseline scores.
  • Targeted SEMH based interventions, including Restorative Approaches, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Resilience, Staying Safe, Emotion Coaching, and Healthy Relationships.
  • Outdoor classroom environment for 1:1 lessons.
  • Partnership mentoring with Saracens.


A progress record is kept for each student detailing interventions given and progress made.

Targeted Interventions – Small Groups

  • CAMHS – anger management or emotion coaching group or individual counselling by appointment.
  • Nurture Group – training and resource materials to develop social skills.
  • Designated Nurture Space.
  • Additional TA support in all lessons where possible.
  • Highly structured lessons with learning breaks and rewards linked to completion of work, presentation and effort.
  • Mentoring weekly and ad hoc as required.
  • Friday Project work including filming, art, woodturning and media.
  • On site WDP support.
  • Lessons will be fully differentiated.