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Mentoring Programmes

These programs run alongside the respite curriculum timetable and are delivered on a 1:1 basis by our experienced, trained mentors. The pupil’s individual progress will be measured and an impact report will be produced following completion of the program.  

1. Safety and Me  

Dangers of carrying weapons/drugs and gang culture 

Mentoring sessions will focus on addressing issues around gang culture and criminal activity and the pressures and consequences that these come with.  The use of recreational and other drugs will also be explored, including discussions about the peer pressures that could be associated with this.  Young people’s vulnerability when faced with these situations will also be addressed, allowing opportunities for them to identify areas of improvement and, where needed, supportive measures they may need. 

2. Me, myself and I 

Self-regulation & Behaviour 

Mentoring will focus on strategies for young people to find ways of regulating their emotions and understanding their own behaviour patterns in daily situations and scenarios. Opportunities will be provided for the young people to access peer mentoring in order to support this.  Discussions will also take place around online safety and the consequences of the misuse and inappropriate use of this. 

3. Life, love and loss  


Young people experience grief in different ways.  Through mentoring the young person can talk through their emotions and acknowledge their feelings and difficulties they may be facing.  Through these discussions the young people will have an opportunity to understand their feelings and explore suitable ways in which to manage these. 

4. You can talk to me 

Showing compassion and sympathy to peers 

Mentoring will focus on behaviours towards peers and adults and ways in which, through communication and respect, these can begin to show signs of improvement.  Discussions will also include an opportunity to understand each other’s feelings and emotions in order to create positive relationships in all situations. 

5. My pathway to success 

 Future plans and Reintegration (Respite students) 

Mentoring will focus on the young persons reintegration into mainstream education and what barriers they may face when doing so.  Included in this mentoring will be the opportunity to explore the young person’s self-worth/belief and confidence. Upon their return to mainstream the student and school will be offered outreach work with a Pavilion Mentor who will continue the support at school for a short duration during the reintegration process. 

6. Would you like a cup of tea?  
(The title of this program is based on a well-known short animation based on sexual health and consent) 

Safe sex, Relationships & Peer Pressure 

Mentoring will focus on relationships and ensuring that the young person is able to build positive ones with adults and peers around them.  This will also include discussions regarding peer pressure in different situations and how the young person would react when faced with these scenarios.  Sessions will also focus on safe sex relationships and any other concerns of a sexual nature that may need to be addressed.