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Outreach Services

Outreach Services

Our team of outreach teachers work with young people who are not able to access education outside of their homes as a result of medical needs.  We work closely with your school to find out what work you have missed and we work with you 1:1 at home to help you to catch up and engage positively in education once more.  We also think it is important that you are given the chance to learn more about the things you are interested in so we create individual packages of teaching to meet your specific needs.

Our team of teachers will also sometimes work with small groups in a local library or Children’s Centre once they are able to leave the house and access their learning somewhere local.  This supports you to build new friendships and peer relationships as well as building confidence in your ability to study and engage in a public and more open environment.

The aim of the outreach teachers is to build up your education so that you can integrate gradually back into school or into our Meadway or Church Farm Bases.

The Manager for Outreach is Kim Price.