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Pavilion Residential Trip 2016

Residential Trip 2016

Students spent the first three days of the new academic year at the Laches Wood Activity Centre, just outside Wolverhampton.  The aim of the trip was to embed the ethos of the school, develop a sense of community and to help students develop skills in; communication, teamwork, problem solving, resilience and confidence.

Before the trip, students expressed concern about not reacting if something upset them, lack of confidence, following instructions and solving problems.

At first, the whole school was placed in one accommodation block, with students in dormitories for 4-6 with ensuite facilities, while staff had their own rooms. Later on, some students were moved to another block, with more space.

There were three activity sessions per day, run by on-site specialists.  Activities included; archery, canoeing, high ropes, BMX, problem solving and indoor caving.  The vast majority of students attempted all activities. 

By the end of the trip all students had felt that the trip was worth doing and had enjoyed it.  Although some students were unhappy with their dormitory, most were happy with the sleeping arrangements.  Unfortunately, the home cooked food didn’t go down too well, possibly due to the absence of chips!  All, bar two, agreed that they’d do the same trip again.

Hussein, who won an archery competition, said, “I never thought I’d ever win anything.”  When asked what he’d gained from the trip, Robin said, “I feel more confident.”

Staff feedback was very positive with most staff being happy to go again.  It was felt that getting the balance between activities and free time was challenging as students generally seemed happier when actively engaged.

It was felt to be a great bonding experience by all!

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