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Q&A – Serving Barnet

We are an open and inclusive school that has formed strong ties with the local community around Dame Alice Owens Playing Fields over the past 20 years.


Q. The Pavilion is a school for permanently excluded children.

A. The Pavilion is a school for Barnet’s most vulnerable young people with a complex array of social, emotional and medical needs who are unable to manage education in a mainstream school. Some have been excluded but many of the children we educate have mental or physical needs. We offer a stepping-stone for these children to re-join mainstream education when they are ready.


Q. Dame Alice Owens Playing Fields is not a suitable location for the Pavilion.

A. The Pavilion has stood in Dame Alice Owen Playing Fields for more than 20 years. We are an established part of the community and have formed strong local ties. The playing fields are a vital green space that play an important part in a well-rounded education of our pupils. Most of our pupils travel to the Pavilion by public transport, so there is little impact on traffic congestion.


Q. Where would the new school buildings be located?

A. We are still in the planning phase. All construction issues are being handled by Barnet Council and Capita. Contact:;


Q. Why are you redeveloping the Pavilion?

A. Our existing facilities are no longer fit for purpose. To ensure that we can continue in our mission to serve Barnet’s most vulnerable young people, we must upgrade our aging building. This includes providing modern IT and sports facilities, and larger classrooms on a par with those in mainstream schools.


Q. The redevelopment of the Pavilion will increase the size of the school, lead to a merger with other schools, and house more pupils.

A. While we will construct new school buildings, we will continue to be the same single school that has stood in the grounds of Dame Alice Owens Playing Fields since the 1990s. We are not merging or joining with another school.

We currently have funding to educate a maximum of 73 children on site and this will not change; we are redeveloping to make the educational experience as fulfilling and productive as possible for the same number of pupils we currently have provision for.


Q. The Pavilion’s pupils are responsible for anti-social behaviour in the neighbourhood.

A. We make safety and security a priority, especially regarding the wellbeing of our staff and pupils. Our staff work with local shops, community groups and the Police to maintain order. Students arrive at 9am and leave at 3pm, and are escorted offsite by a minimum of two members of staff. Pupils are not allowed offsite during the school day. Our staff are also available before and after the school day to deal with any issues.


Q. The Pavilion’s pupils are engaged in criminal behaviour.

A. We have a zero-tolerance policy on drugs and aggressive behaviour. Sadly, all schools must deal with the wider social problem of drugs. We provide support and advice to our pupils on the dangers of drug taking. Similarly, aggressive behaviour is a wider social problem common to all schools. While it is infrequent, we are teaching our pupils to manage their emotions as part of their preparation for re-joining mainstream education.

  • 58b Chandos Avenue
    N20 9DX

    0208 446 1533

  • Pavilion
    110 Meadway
    EN5 5JX

    0208 359 5240

  • The Pavilion - Church Farm
    Church Hill Rd,
    East Barnet,
    London EN4 8XE

    0203 890 8474

  • Galaxy Ward,
    Barnet General Hospital,
    Wellhouse Lane, Barnet,
    EN5 3DJ

    0208 216 5208