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Respite and Intervention


Our aim is to work in partnership with schools to provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment for students at risk of exclusion. We offer a high quality teaching and learning programme at Meadway 1 (for Secondary age students) and Church Farm (for Primary age students), with a mentoring and a Behaviour Improvement Programme focused on students individual needs.

We also maintain strong links with local mainstream schools and aim to reintegrate students wherever possible back into mainstream school.  This is a supported and gradual process with students being accompanied back to school by members of our staff team and supported in and around lessons until they have settled and can cope independently.  We have a very high success rate without reintegration programme and place great value on this aspect of our offer for Early Years and at Key Stage 3, as well as for those young people who have been out of mainstream education as a result of medical and mental ill-health.

The Manager for Respite & Intervention is Kevin Matthews.

Referral Process.

  • Referral form completed
  • Information to be completed by schools prior to initial meeting
  • Meeting arranged with a school representative and parents/carers to set targets and discuss intervention requirements.
  • Start date arranged with weekly review via phone/email
  • Students depending on individual need will follow a Behaviour Improvement Programme or an Anxiety and Resilience programme this is co-ordinated  and tracked by our lead learning mentor who reports directly to the assistant head teacher.   At the beginning and the end of the programme all students will complete a skills for school audit which enables us to track progress in attitude. Progress is also tracked through a positive and individualised report system which students have responsibility for completing and through Integris with positive and negative reporting.


Alongside the BIP and ARP programme, intervention students will receive daily mentoring sessions which are recorded and co-ordinated by the lead learning mentor. The focus is around individual targets set on entry.


These students dependent on need and requirements will also have access to

  • Small group teaching
  • Broad Key Stage Three or Four curriculum
  • Team building activities.
  • Literacy and numeracy support
  • Individual anger management
  • Positions of responsibility
  • Peer mentoring
  • Art Therapy
  • Individual counselling
  • BYCAS (young carers)
  • SRE workshops
  • Risk Taking behaviour workshops
  • Individual sessions YPDAS
  • Group and individual Boxing programme
  • Dogs trust and Equine Therapy
  • Whole school enrichment programme .
  • Careers focus future options

On completion of the programme there will be a final review meeting before reintegration  which will include help in setting targets and achievable goals for returning students. Schools will also be provided with a summary document to cover progress towards the individual targets set and an overall summary of the programme followed and the progress made including assessment levels, attendance, behaviour summary and recommendations for students further development in school.