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At the Pavilion there are two pathways in which we have pupils referred to us.

For those pupils who have been referred to us for a respite period: 

  • Schools complete a referal form  
  • We receive the form and review it. 
  • The pupil and parent are invited to an admissions meeting and an induction on the following Monday and Tuesday. They will then start their placement on the Thursday. 
  • There wil be a review for the pupil in the middle of their respite and one at the end to assess their progress. 

For those pupils who have been permanently excluded : 

  • After the pupil has been excluded the borough is notified
  • A meeting is set with the head of exclusions and safeguarding for the borough of Barnet
  • This information will be given to the Pavilion and reviewed
  • An admissions meeting will be set, as will an induction, and they will follow the same structure as that of the respite pupils.