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Schools Shakespeare 2018

Shakespeare in Schools - Outstanding Macbeth Performance in 2018

Students across all sites from the Pavilion Study Centre performed in a fabulous version of Macbeth at Arts Depot on the 22nd of November 2018, written and directed by the drama teacher Jo Devall as part of the school Shakespeare festival. This is the second year running students have participated in the festival. They were praised for their amazing collaboration, interpretation and performance of the piece.

For more pictures of the production and performance, see our album here.

The Festival Director of the Shakespeare in Schools national scheme, Alanna Beeken, sent us an email after the event:

"Dear Jo,

I am Creative and Festival Director at Shakespeare Schools Foundation and I was in the audience last night at the ArtsDepot. I am still on a high after your cast's incredible performance so I had to message myself to congratulate you.

Your young actors created an extraordinary piece of theatre, unlike anything I have ever seen at the Festival (and I have seen 9 Festivals!). I was on the edge of my seat throughout and moved to tears more than once. The show was brilliant, creative, innovative and stellar in its own right, made all the more moving by the journey the cast have been on.

I loved how you exploded the story of Macbeth - the ambition, greed, emotion and pathos were all there but made new and clearly owned by the cast. The moments I loved were too many to count but a starter for ten - the incredible soundtrack (edited by a student I understand?), the rap, the stunning singing (and how beautifully she rallied when she forgot the words), the creepy witches and surreal props, the incredible performances from Lady Macbeth and Macbeth. But what truly stood out was that your cast was a true ensemble - pulling together, helping each other and determined to tell their story.

I just had to let you know, personally, what an impact your work has had on me and on the work of our charity as a whole. We knew your students were more than capable of performing in a professional theatre and they exceeded even our very high expectations, putting together a slick and fresh Shakespearean production.

Thanks again, and I hope we see you next year, all the Best,

Alanna Beeken Festival Director"

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