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This page has testimonials from past students and others working with The Pavilion.

 Students' Comments:

 I was scared to go to the Meadway but it was ok being there. All the teachers were nice and much nicer than the teachers in my otter school. I enjoyed boxing with Leon, Fatima helped me with English even when other children were being difficult. I enjoyed cooking with Janet. I played table tennis with Ricky which was fun. Thank you everyone at the Meadway, I am getting used to my new school now but I think of Meadway often. 

"Before starting Pavilion in 2012, I went to Hendon School. My behaviour was never threatening or dangerous, I just preferred things to be on my terms and, in that sense,  I was out of control. I knew exactly how to waste everybody’s time for no apparent reason and was typically quite loud and frustrating; obviously at the time I thought I was funny. School was more somewhere I went to socialise than to learn; education never appealed to me as something worth investing my time into. When I started at the Pavilion, I made friends quite quickly; the support provided to assure that happened was more than in any mainstream school I’d been in. The Pavilion worked really closely with us, such as one-on-one mentoring sessions, and the smaller classes helped us learn without feeling crowded. I left Pavilion with enough GCSE’s to move on to do A-levels and I’m now studying Law, Politics and English Language at 6th form. The bond I built with some of the teachers as good friends will stay with me forever and I often call to talk if I have any issues, despite being at a new school. I genuinely believe the time I spent at the PRU gave me some of the best memories and experiences I’ve had, and I’m so grateful for all the help I received there. Without the PRU, I honestly would not be in the position I am in now." Talia, aged 18 years.

'Pavilion have helped me get back into school by supporting me making sure I don't make the same mistakes again. I miss the staff there.' Vivien U, Year 9 now at St. James' School

Parents'/Carers' Comments:

 Although the circumstances for Dior attending the Meadway were in my view unjustified Dior enjoyed his time there and for the first time said "mum I don't feel thick there cause the teachers help!" He is now finding his feet in his new school and always refers back to the Meadway setting on most days. The staff were very welcoming and caring towards Dior, as a parent this meant a lot as he had been through a hard time in his previous school with both students and staff. Thank you Kevin and all staff at the Meadway 

School comments :

“A huge amount of intervention was put in place as well as ways of Max managing his anger. Ms Murray also took part in the sessions held at Meadway .Max seems calmer and far more communicative than he was before being at Meadway – he can formulate an answer to questions and he isn’t quite as argumentative when he is pulled up on his behaviour falling below expectations. Thank you.”

Christ College
“The pavilion is always very supportive to our school and keeps us updated with progress and communication is excellent”

“The whole process was well organised and communication was clear at all times.”

“From the feedback from Maisie, The Pavilion and parents, Maisie made very good progress with regards to her learning and engagement.”


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