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The Pavilion

About The Pavilion

The Pavilion is the main Alternative Provision for Barnet, and offers a range of educational programmes and services for young people unable to attend mainstream schools for a variety of reasons including social, emotional, behavioural and medical difficulties.

We were rated "good" by Ofsted in our last review.

The Pavilion provides alternative education for young people out of school in Barnet due to a social, emotional and mental health needs which may be manifesting itself through challenging behaviour, anxiety and/or medical needs. The Pavilion   provides specialist programmes that empower young people to overcome barriers preventing them from engaging in mainstream education. Programmes are designed to meet the personal, social and educational needs for students.

The Pavilion is split over four sites plus Outreach, each with a remit for delivering a specialised education for the young people who are on roll. We work with Early Years students at Church Farm, through Outreach and at the Hospital, and with Secondary students at Whetstone, Meadway and at the Hospital.

The Pavilion is committed to:

  • Supporting the re-engagement of young people into learning and positive outcomes.
  • Building personalised pathways to positive futures with a focus on personal growth.
  • Building a strong supportive community with our staff, students, parents/carers and stakeholders.


•   Recognising and meeting individual needs to develop potential of every person.

•   Our core values are Ambition, Respect, Empathy, Responsibility, Honesty and underpinning these with wisdom and excellence in leadership and communication.

Each setting provides an appropriately differentiated curriculum with both vocational and academic options. Teaching is personalised to suit the needs of each child to improve their learning skills as well as their emotional and social development.


  • Our provision and curriculum enriches the experiences of all.
  • Classroom teaching and beyond engages all in learning.
  • The content of our curriculum impassions all to grow and learn.


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