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From the Head Teacher, Joanne Kelly.

I am extremely proud to be the Head Teacher of the Pavilion.  Our philosophy supports the view that every young person deserves an education which enables them to make outstanding progress, and our programmes have been developed to achieve this.  Our programmes support the empowerment of young people to overcome the barriers which are preventing them from being able to engage in mainstream education.

The Pavilion is a stepping stone which provides young people with opportunities to reinvent themselves and develop the confidence to be successful in the future.  Staff are totally committed to the ethos of the Pavilion which focuses on providing an enriched programme of education, engaging all in learning, enthusing and ultimately enabling all our young people to enjoy the learning experience.  We pride ourselves on placing young people at the heart of our approach to education, ensuring that learning is personalised according to individual needs and this is achieved with the support of a dedicated and skilled team of staff, well supported by our Management Committee, parents/carers and other professionals.

Latest News

All the latest updates from The Pavilion

  • Student progress is at least good, with some making excellent gains in their learning and in their social and emotional development. Ofsted 2011

  • The behaviour of students is good. Students have positive attitudes to adults and to their learning. They value the ‘second chance’ they have been given to succeed and try hard to get the best from their education. This has a strong impact on their good progress. Ofsted 2014

  • The curriculum has a positive impact on students’ progress, behaviour and well-being and contributes very well to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural well-being. Ofsted 2014

  • Students in all year groups make good progress due to careful planning and the high quality of the support they receive. Ofsted 2014

  • The school is effective in helping students to significantly improve their attitudes to education. Students are generally enthusiastic learners, their behaviour is good Ofsted 2014

  • Before starting Pavilion in 2012, I went to Hendon School. My behaviour was never threatening or dangerous, I just preferred things to be on my terms and, in that sense, I was out of control. I knew exactly how to waste everybody’s time for no apparent reason and was typically quite loud and frustrating; obviously at the time I thought I was funny. School was more somewhere I went to socialise than to learn; education never appealed to me as something worth investing my time into. When I started at the Pavilion, I made friends quite quickly; the support provided to assure that happened was more than in any mainstream school I’d been in. The Pavilion worked really closely with us, such as one-on-one mentoring sessions, and the smaller classes helped us learn without feeling crowded. I left Pavilion with enough GCSE’s to move on to do A-levels and I’m now studying Law, Politics and English Language at 6th form. The bond I built with some of the teachers as good friends will stay with me forever and I often call to talk if I have any issues, despite being at a new school. I genuinely believe the time I spent at the PRU gave me some of the best memories and experiences I’ve had, and I’m so grateful for all the help I received there. Without the PRU, I honestly would not be in the position I am in now. Talia, aged 18 years.

  • 'Pavilion have helped me get back into school by supporting me making sure I don't make the same mistakes again. I miss the staff there.' Vivien Umalin, Year 9 at St. James' School.

  • Pavilion
    110 Meadway
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    020 8359 5240

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  • Galaxy Ward,
    Barnet General Hospital,
    Wellhouse Lane, Barnet,
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