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Year 11 Mock Exams

Year 11 Mock Exams

Year 11 mock examinations begin on Friday the 2nd of December. If your child is in year 11, their timetable is attached. Year 11 students need to be in school at 9.00am for the morning exam to allow for preparation and the exam to start on time. If students do not have an exam they will be invited to remain in school to revise. The ‘Mop Up’ exam sessions on a Wednesday and Thursday are for students who have unavoidably missed an examination; this gives them a chance to sit the missed examination. Please be aware that is a student is late to an exam this will be recorded as an ‘x’ and the student will not sit the exam and be asked to go home until their next exam. We are treating these mock examinations the same as the real GCSEs to make sure our students have had the necessary practice with the exact same conditions.

If your child is in year 10, educational provision will start at 11.00 AM at Whetstone on Friday the 2nd, Monday the 5th, Wednesday the 7th and Thursday the 8th but on the Tuesday they will need to attend the Meadway site for 9.00am. Please note that Friday the 9th will be normal school times and lessons. If your child is in year 10, their timetable is attached.

  • Pavilion
    110 Meadway
    EN5 5JX

    020 8359 5240

  • 58b Chandos Avenue
    N20 9DX

    02084 461 533

  • Galaxy Ward,
    Barnet General Hospital,
    Wellhouse Lane, Barnet,
    EN5 3DJ

    0208 2165208