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Religious Education: Aims/Philosophy

At Key Stage Three the students follow a religious studies programme with a focus on understanding religions and the search for meaning in life .We then look at different religions beliefs and practices and in year 9 the focus is on investigating moral and personal issues and looking at religious responses to them.

 At Key Stage Four

The  aim is to enable students to:

Adopt an enquiring, critical and reflective approach to the study of religion

Explore religions and beliefs, reflect on fundamental questions, and engage with them intellectually and respond personally

Enhance their spiritual and moral development, and contribute to their health and      wellbeing

Enhance their personal, social and cultural development, their understanding of different cultures

Reflect on and develop their own values, opinions and attitudes in light of their learning.

Key Stage 3

Autumn 1

What is RE / Create your own religion

Autumn 2

The Big Story told in the Bible

Spring 1

Is it right to eat animals ?

Spring 2

What are we doing to the Environment ?

Summer 1

Human rights and responsibilities

Summer 2

Inspirational figures


All students complete a baseline assessment on entry and half termly assessments thereafter to monitor progress.


Key Stage 4

Exam board:  Edexcel paper reference- 5RSO1/01 Full Course available from the beginning of year 10.

Course breakdown: (% coursework and % exam etc)100 % examination


Year 10

Year 11

Autumn 1

Believing In God- Arguments for

Community Cohesion

Autumn 2

Believing in God –Arguments against

Peace and conflict

Spring 1

Matters of life and death

Environment and Medicine

Spring 2

Abortion and Euthanasia

Crime and Punishment

Summer 1

Marriage and Family life


Summer 2

Divorce and Contraception


 Alternative courses at KS4:

Functional Skills Level 1

Course outline/Key Skills:

Functional Skills Level 2

Course outline/Key Skills:


Kevin Matthews, Erik Radley, Michael Savage, Chuma Akuchie.

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